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BN(O) Community Support and Advice

We provide our services to the BN(O) Visa scheme community in the Liverpool City Region (City of Liverpool, Knowsley, St Helens, Sefton, Wirral and Halton), Warrington, Crewe and Blackpool.

BN(O) 社區支援和諮詢服務

本中心的服務範圍包含利物浦城區 (Liverpool City Region) (利物浦 (City of Liverpool), 諾斯利 (Knowsley), 聖海倫 (St Helens), Sefton, 偉盧  (Wirral), Halton),沃靈頓 (Warrington),克魯 (Crewe) 和黑池 (Blackpool).

How can we help?

We provide free advice on housing, welfare and benefits law for BN(O) visa holders and their families in the area.

We also provide general advice and offer English and Cantonese services. 

For BN(O) visa holders with the condition ‘no recourse to public funds’ lifted, we can provide advice across all areas of social welfare law. Additional support will be available for help at tribunal level if necessary.

This advice is delivered through a range of access channels: Telephone hotline 0151 360 7777 (please state if you require in Cantonese or English)

Appointments (please refer to our address below and social media for any outreach or drop-in sessions)

Tribunal & court representation as and when required

Referrals to specialist providers as and when required

英國國民 (海外)簽證持有人及其家人的諮詢服務

本社區法律中心由即日起,向來自香港並持有英國國民 (海外)簽證的本區居民及其家人,就房屋租賃和福利津貼相關法律問題,提供免費法律諮詢服務。



如屬已獲取消「不得領取公共經濟援助」簽證條件的英國國民 (海外)簽證持有人,本中心可就社會福利法提供全面的法律意見。如有需要,本中心亦可在審裁處級別的聆訊提供支援。


電話熱線 0151 360 7777 (請表明需要廣東話或英語服務)

預約諮詢會面 (請參閱下述本中心地址,亦可透過社交媒體找到外展或現場諮詢環節的資訊)

審裁處和法院代表服務 (如有需要的話)

專項轉介服務 (如有需要的話)


Community Support 社區支援

We provide general advice. If you are not sure where to find help, contact us and we may be able to point you in the right direction.


What we can't help with

Asylum or immigration advice

We can only assist with benefits, asylum support and housing concerns of asylum seekers and other migrants.

Advice for Landlords

We seek to assist tenants on their rights in the private rented sector and do not offer advice to landlords.

If you are in need of asylum and immigration advice in Liverpool please click here to see a current list of all immigration providers in the city. 

Resources for BN(O) Visa Holders

Drop-in Sessions

Homebaked Bakery, Anfield 

Every Monday, 10am - 12pm

For advice on welfare benefits and debt.

Make an appointment or send an enquiry via our form below

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us in regards to an appointment please call, leave a message, email or fill out the below form and we will get back to you.

We provide this service to residents of Vauxhall, Liverpool and to residents of the Liverpool City Region.

Tel: 0151 360 7777

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