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Housing Campaign

Vauxhall Law Centre, since its inception, has been campaigning on housing issues in order to improve access to safe, secure and quality housing. Today, we're still fighting for better housing including better protections and rights for people renting in the private sector and social housing sector.

Why We Campaign

Our housing advice service provides a range of support, advice and representation for people who have an issue related to their housing. Some are simply evicted from their homes through no fault of their own and are potentially at risk of becoming homeless. Others could be living in accommodation that is unsafe for themselves and their families with their landlord failing to acknowledge their responsibility to resolve this matter. We also support people who are homeless and are being denied access to emergency temporary accommodation through no fault of their own. 

We believe that everybody has the right to safe, secure and quality accommodation. The UK is currently in a housing crisis, quality housing has dwindled, rent has increased and renters have little to no protection when it comes to challenging landlords. 

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