The Tommy Monaghan Bereavement Support Service

In remembrance of our late board member and long standing local community supporter.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on bereaved people. Lockdown has meant many have been unable to grieve properly and spend crucial time with loved ones. Legal trouble can make already overwhelming feelings impossible to cope with. Good advice and support is vital to prevent further problems from developing.


If you have suffered a bereavement and need advice on benefits, debts and funeral costs Vauxhall Law Centre is here to help you. We can also help identify financial support that may ease some of your hardship. Don’t do this alone. We are here for you.


If you have suffered from a bereavement and need advice in regards to benefits, debt and funeral payments Vauxhall Law Centre is able to help families and individuals. We can help with assessing any benefit entitlements or any debt issues arising from a bereavement.


Our service will also help with establishing whether there could be any charitable contributions or grants that may be applicable to you as well as give general advice and guidance.

Welfare Benefit Checks

Our advisors will run a complete benefit check to see if there are any available Welfare Benefits to support you.

Charitable Grants

Debt Advice

Housing Advice

Our Debt advisor will be able to help and support you with advice and guidance on how to deal with debts that may arise out of a bereavement.

Our housing solicitor will be able to provide advice on issues that may affect your housing situation as well as how to find new accommodation.

We can check to see if there are any charitable grants or discretionary payments that you may be entitled to.

Information Pack

Alongside our advice service we have also produced a comprehensive information which contains practical advice that you can access immediately. The pack cover several topics such as:

We have also separated the pack into relevant sections which you can download by clicking the links above.

We will be continually updating this pack with the latest information and advice for those who need it. If you would be interested in having physical copies of the pack please feel free to let us know and we can get those arranged for you.

To download the full pack click the button below, the pack is also available to read on this page.



Make an appointment or send an enquiry using the form below.

Our face to face appointments are now closed. However, we can still help you from home via telephone and email.


If you would like to contact us in regards to your benefits or make an appointment please call, leave a message, email or fill out the below and we will get back to you.

We provide this service to residents of Vauxhall, Liverpool and to residents of the Liverpool City Region.

Tel: 0151 360 7777

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