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Together With Refugees

This campaign was developed in response to the hostile environment and the subsequent treatment of asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants we have experienced within our housing work. We joined the Together With Refugee's coalition to combat this ongoing hostility. 

Find out more about the larger Together with Refugee's campaign on their website here

Why We Campaign

The government began its attack on refugees, asylum seekers and migrants when it first came to power over a decade ago. The implementation of the hostile environment has proceeded in eroding the rights and dignity of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. The government and right-wing press have succeeded in whipping up hate and hostility towards these groups, making their ability to settle and create new lives in our communities an uphill battle. 

Currently, the asylum system in the UK is wholly inadequate and full of injustice. Many seeking to claim asylum in the UK are subject to navigating an extremely complex system and are left with little support to help pay for basics such as food or fuel.

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