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VLC staff featured in local press over staggering levels of poverty in Liverpool.

The absolutely appalling levels of poverty happening across Liverpool right now are highlighted in an article by local newspaper The Echo.

The piece features comments from Director/Senior Solicitor Ngaryan Li and Development Officer Alan Kelly from the Law Centre.

Alan Kelly states "I don't think people are getting closer to the cliff edge, I think they're going over it. When the bills start landing in the next few weeks we'll expect there to be a lot more people needing support... It's always happened, but it's the scale this time around. It's going to have such a huge impact because of other changes that have taken place and how the benefit system is being cut back.”

Ngaryan Li commented “I recently had a case of two people who were working, but the wife has been diagnosed with cancer and going through chemo. He's been told by his employer, as a care worker, that if he doesn't return to work he’ll be put on compassionate leave. That's a full family income gone... because of the news of energy prices rising, they are going to be in the poverty gap as well. Rising costs, the housing crisis, the rising number of homeless, mental health cuts, all of that is a perfect storm."

You can read the full article by clicking here.

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