*NEW* Employment Law Clinic

We recently launched our new employment law clinic in partnership with Hattons Solicitors.

At Vauxhall Law Centre we're committed to ensuring that everyone has equal access to justice regardless of income. We understand that those working in the gig economy and on zero-hours contracts are made to work under precarious conditions. We have developed this service so that those working in these conditions are not only able to have a greater understanding of their rights in the workplace but also enforce them.

These sessions are for employees only and will offer advice on all aspects of employment. We will be offering advice on:

  • Unfair dismissals

  • Workers rights in the gig economy

  • Pay disputes

  • Discrimination in the workplace

  • Zero hour contracts

See our flyer below and book in for an appointment today, call 0151 360 7777 or email advice@vauxhallllawcentre.org.uk