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Volunteer Week 2024

This volunteer week, we’d like to take time to shine a light on two of our current Housing Team Volunteers. Their valuable work is a huge help to our housing team in their work to improve the lives of our clients and the wider community. We are so grateful for their commitment to supporting our growing Housing team in our casework and campaigns.


Mary Whitby

Mary has been volunteering with us since January 2024. She previously volunteered in a library, through a strong passion for promoting literacy. Mary assists us here with complaints on behalf of clients with homelessness cases following the local authority’s formal complaints process on behalf of our clients as part of a wider campaign to improve how our local authorities treat homeless individuals in need of their support.

‘‘Volunteering really feels like worthwhile work. I’ve learnt so much about the city's ongoing housing issues, and the work has helped me develop some new, useful skills in a professional environment.’.’

Outside of this, Mary takes care of her family, is heavily involved in NHS Campaigning, politics, and is a member of the Merseyside Pensioners Association. Mary is deeply passionate about Social Justice and cares about tackling inequality.


Anthony Goodwin

Anthony began volunteering with us back in March 2023. Outside of the Law Centre, he has studied Commercial Building Surveying. Anthony’s work is focused on housing casework and complaints over housing disrepair under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS), he visits client’s homes, produces detailed reports on the disrepair and prepares formal referrals to the relevant team at the local authority. He also works with Mary issuing complaints against the local authority regarding their handling of homelessness cases.

Anthony has first-hand experience with housing disrepair issues and has seen the effects of poor housing and disrepair whilst living in Kensington, witnessing its effects on his community.

“It’s always kids that suffer in these situations, and speaking as a Dad I know how that must impact on families”. “I just want to see better built and maintained housing stock for families” “I get a real sense of satisfaction knowing my work is directly helping people in these situations. “

Outside of volunteering Anthony is a busy family man, enjoys being outdoors and getting out to North Wales for hikes and bouldering.

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