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Update on Over-75s TV Licences

The BBC released an update regarding TV licencing fees for over-75s late last month. They have confirmed that 9 out of 10 over-75s customers have already made arrangements to have a free or paid TV licence, or they have informed the BBC directly of changes in their circumstances. The BBC have said that most viewers pay for their TV licence directly.

The BBC have extended the deadline when over-75s customers need to inform them about their TV licence; this is the 31st of July 2021. It is important to note that is it a legal requirement to have a valid TV licence if you record live TV on any channel, or download/watch BBC programmes on BBC iPlayer.

The BBC identified that 3.92 million over-75-year-olds needed to make arrangements following the new policy, however, only 3.588 million have done so – meaning 260,000 customers are yet to make any kind of arrangements in regard to their TV licencing.

How to make arrangements with BBC.

If you have not yet been in touch with the BBC regarding your TV licence and you are 75 or over, then rest assured they will be in contact. The letter that is being sent will include all relevant information about the TV licencing and how you can make arrangements. This can be done via post, online and on the telephone on 0300 790 6151.

Payment plans are available to help spread the cost of a TV licence if you are required to pay. If you are in receipt of Pension Credit and are over the age of 75, then you are eligible for a free TV licence paid for by the BBC – this can be arranged by calling the helpline number above.

Find out more information on their website by clicking here.

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