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United Utilities Offers Support During Universal Credit Cut

United Utilities are offering flexible solutions to anyone affected the £20 Universal Credit cut in relation to their water bill. One such solution is to reduce people’s annual bill to support them. Anyone worrying about their water bill payments should call them at 0800 072 6765 to notify United Utilities so that they can help.

There are many ways United Utilities are offering to support their customers, including reducing their annual bill, especially if you are seeing a reduction in your benefits. If you are applying for Universal Credit for the first time, then United Utilities can delay your water bill

payments for up to eight weeks until your first Universal Credit payment arrives. Once you are able to start

paying again they can spread those payments across a much longer period of time to help you avoid any additional financial pressure.

If you call United Utilities they will also check to see if you are eligible for any of their other support schemes, including the Back on Track scheme which provides a lower bill based on the benefits you receive, if you have been financially affected by COVID, such as being furloughed or made redundant.

New Payment Scheme

United Utilities have also launched a new payment scheme which will be suitable for many

customers. The new ‘Pay as U Go’ creates a much more flexible way for customers to pay their water bills. Instead of paying the same amount on the same day every month, you have the option to make different payment amounts whenever you wish to suit your specific financial circumstances. It’s ideal for those who want more control over the amounts they pay, would like the flexibility of paying whenever they wish, and are comfortable making payments online or on the United Utilities app. This should suit customers who don’t get paid on a regular basis which makes it difficult to commit to a traditional Direct Debit arrangement.

You can apply by calling 0800 072 6765, and there are no additional fees or interest added to you when paying your bills this way.

You can find out more on the United Utilities website:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call 07767 298434 for extra information from United Utilities or contact us at the Law Centre at 0151 360 7777 or email us at

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