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Statement on the reintroduction of Selective Landlord Licensing Scheme.

We welcome the announcement of the return of the much needed and long awaited Selective Landlord Licensing Scheme. General regulatory requirements and protections for private renters are insufficient and many across the city are living in unacceptable conditions with often unresponsive, defensive and even aggressive landlords.

Liverpool has been without any licensing scheme since March 2020 whilst living conditions were already deteriorating as a result of the pandemic and lockdowns. The loss of the scheme has left many renters unable to hold their landlords to account or gain support from their council.

Our Housing team has seen a massive decrease in response times and action upon investigation since the scheme was lost. We have worked with other Law Centres and community groups including Merseyside Law Centre and ACORN Liverpool to ensure that this issue remained on the agenda. We have been disappointed by the serious delays of both local and national government in moving this new scheme forward.

We are extremely pleased that the scheme will be reinstated and we believe property conditions, community experience and trust in local government will increase as a result.

However, we are still extremely concerned that 20% of our city, including some of the most deprived areas making up our client group such as West Derby, remains without this much needed additional regulatory protection and we will work to ensure that the citywide scheme is reintroduced.

We look forward to further announcements regarding the opening of the scheme and referral mechanisms.

We encourage all private tenants in the city to ensure you are aware of your rights and protections under this scheme.

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