We aim to provide you with advice and assistance if you are struggling financially because of problems with debt.

We can help with

Rent Arrears.
Utility Debts (e.g. gas, electricity and water)
Unsecured Loans (e.g. catalogues, credit cards, payday loans)
Long-term options for your debt problems 
We will provide referrals if needs be
Problems affording your essentials bills check
We will provide a possible benefit check and debt management
Working with you to maxmise your income capabilites
We will provide a possible benefit check or check your financial capabilities

We can't help with

Challenging Parking Fines
Challenging benefit over payments
Our benefit team can help with this.

Advice & Support

We understand that debt can often arise unexpectedly, where you have lost your job, become ill and/or had a change of circumstances in your family. We offer free friendly impartial advice to help you to ease your financial worries. If you are struggling to repay your debt, our debt team can help you to find a solution to get out of it.

The process will involve:

1. Getting all the information about your debts

2. Check if you have to actually pay it

3. Work out which debts are the most urgent and to deal with those first

4. Check if you can increase your income (we have a team of Welfare Benefit advisors who can offer you a benefit check to see if there are any benefits you are not claiming but entitled to

5. Provide you with tips to help reduce your regular living costs by completing a financial statement and referring you to appropriate schemes

6. Check whether there are any options for getting out of the debt

7. Helping you to make a plan to pay your debt

8. Assist you with a bankruptcy/DRO application as a last resort
​/DRO application as a last resort

Make an appointment below.

Our face to face appointments are now closed. However, we can still help you from home via telephone and email.


If you would like to contact us in regards to your debt or any other general enquiries please call, leave a message or email and we will get back to you.

We provide this service to residents of Vauxhall, Liverpool and to residents of the Liverpool City Region.

Tel: 0151 360 7777

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