Our Success Stories

Ms W suffered with depression and osteoarthritis. She had been helped by us in 2012 when she had had her ESA stopped after being found fit for work following a medical examination. We represented her at a tribunal when she was successful and ESA was reinstated. Despite a deterioration in her condition in the meantime the DWP again decided that she was fit for work after a further medical examination. By the time we helped her to lodge an appeal she had also been diagnosed with a cancerous growth on her kidney, which was subsequently removed. Although we provided the DWP with supportive medical evidence it did not change its decision. However, we represented Ms W at the appeal hearing when the tribunal reinstated ESA and placed her in the support group. We also represented Ms W in an appeal relating to the bedroom tax when the tribunal accepted that the relevant room could not be classified as a bedroom. As a result full housing benefit was awarded for her home.

Ms W

James was found fit for work following a medical assessment for ESA. He suffers with depression, heart problems and osteoarthritis. In between lodging his appeal and the hearing James became so ill that he was put in intensive care. Even so the DWP did not change its decision. We helped James to obtain supportive medical evidence and the tribunal allowed him appeal placing him in the support group for ESA. We also helped the same man to apply for an increase in DLA, which was denied by the DWP, but we helped him to appeal that decision and represented him at the hearing when he was awarded the higher rate of the mobility component and the middle rate of the care component of DLA.


Susan suffers with uncontrolled diabetes type 1 and as a result suffers frequent hypoglycaemic attacks. Her ESA was stopped following a medical examination when she was held to be fit for work. We helped her to appeal the decision and represented her at the appeal, where she was unsuccessful. We appealed the tribunal’s decision to the Upper Tribunal, which overturned it. At the fresh hearing before the tribunal her appeal was allowed and she was awarded ESA.


Mrs Jones had to finish work because of a deterioration in her physical health, in particular osteoarthritis. We helped her to claim Personal Independence Payment, which was awarded. She claimed ESA. She was placed in the work related activity group but she should have been placed in the support group because of the severity of her condition. If she stayed in the work related activity group Mrs Jones would lose her ESA after 12 months. We helped her to appeal the decision and represented her at the tribunal where she was placed in the support group.

Mrs Jones

Bill has been a regular client of the Vauxhall Law Centre for almost 5 years. He is suffering from kidney failure and is on dialysis and other medication, and is not able to deal with his own affairs. His partner has to drop down papers and convey messages. There were two problems which arose out of his inability to deal with matters. Some Liverpool City Council parking tickets were issues when he was not able to satisfy parking requirements, and he was not able to appeal against them and they went to Bailiffs. A local Cllr was able to intercede on his behalf and have them withdrawn from Equita to be cancelled by Liverpool City Council. Bill became confused and missed TV Licence payments. The visit by the TV Licence Agency resulted in a prosecution for a fine. Unfortunately, because of his communication difficulties the investigator wrote down the wrong surname and other particulars were incorrect. Bill signed without reading it. Vauxhall Law Centre wrote to Wirral Magistrates Court in his defence, explaining his circumstances and asking the Court to consider whether they should proceed with imposing a fine under these circumstances. We have not heard back since November 2014 so we presume the Magistrates Court has decided in his favour.


Mary became very ill with a number of physical health problems and depression and anxiety. She had to be reassessed medically to see if her claim for Income Support could be converted to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). She also had to renew her claim for Disability Living Allowance (DLA). We helped her to to complete the limited capability for work questionnaire prior to medical reassessment. Following the assessment we helped her to appeal against the DWP’s decision to place her in the work related activity group rather than the support group. We also helped her to complete the renewal claim for DLA and then to appeal against the level of the award made. We represented Mary in both appeals before the tribunal. They were both successful.